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Can you guarantee a specific spot in Central Park?

No, we cannot guarantee a specific spot in Central Park. This is one of the world's most-visited public parks so we will do our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee spots. However, we will always do our best to choose the best spot upon arrival to the park before your event start time.

How will I find you?

On the day of, we will text you an exact pin (as needed) of the location and panoramic photos of the area 30 minutes prior to the event. Meet us there and we will greet you upon arrival at the reservation start time. We then depart and allow you to enjoy the time with your friends and family. When your event is complete, we will come back to clean up everything. 

Please note a working cell phone is required for all of our services.

What do I need to know about Central Park?

  1. No alcohol. Bring at your own risk.

  2. No littering. Please respect the planet and the park; do not let any debris fly off-site. A trash bag will be provided for your convenience during your event. We will transport it to the trash cans during clean-up. 

  3. Dogs must remain on a leash in Zone 1 - East Meadow and Zone 2 - Great Lawn. 

  4. Dogs or pets are not allowed in Zone 3 - Sheep Meadow.

  5. Feel prepared to find the day-of spot by reviewing the complete Central Park map

How does this work?

  1. See "Day Of Info; Location Servicing" above.

  2. A member of the party MUST arrive within 30 minutes of the reservation window start time. If a member does not arrive within 30 minutes of the reservation start time, it will be treated as a no-show and will be canceled on a strict NO REFUNDS / NO EXCHANGES policy basis. 

  3. Rental hours begin at the reservation start time per the booking.

  4. Setup cannot be abandoned. A member of the party MUST remain with the setup until taken down. The customer agrees to pay for the complete replacement and/or repair costs for any and all items that are lost, stolen, or damaged when in use.   

  5. Setup is only allowed in an open space within a clear view of the public. No forests or heavily treed areas. No hidden pockets. No remote areas. Please do not request for or move the setup to these forbidden areas.

Do I have to arrive exactly on time? 

We understand things don't always go to plan. If you're running behind, please let us know! Late arrivals are permitted so long as we're notified and you or your guests show up within 25 minutes of the start time. If no one has arrived after 25 minutes, a $50 late fee will be applied to your final balance due. 

Can I leave early?

If you would like to leave earlier than the arranged picnic time, please text or call us at least 30 minutes prior. You are responsible for all items until we are able to return to the location.

What are the dining options?

  • Catering is provided by a local Upper East Side company. We currently offer:

    • Classic charcuterie - meat & cheese board. 

    • Vegetarian - fruit & cheese board.

    • Vegan - fruit & nut board.

    • Fruit platters

    • Sandwich platters

  • You can also bring your own food and beverages! Choose the BYOF booking form, select any other add-ons you desire, and bring whatever makes your heart happy.

  • Unfortunately, we do not service alcohol. We are not held responsible for the consumption of alcohol and subsequent behavior of guests at their picnics. It is the responsibility of the client to abide by the alcohol laws of NYC Parks. 

Can balloons be provided?

We are dedicated to treating Planet Earth as kindly as possible. As such, we say no to balloons and offer sustainable photo stations instead. We do our best to use materials and items that are biodegradable, upcycled, reusable, and/or recyclable.

What happens to my reservation in the event of bad weather?

  • If you need to reschedule your picnic due to unforeseen circumstances, we can apply your funds to another date within the calendar year. You must reschedule for a new date within 72 hours of your original reservation, otherwise, a penalty fee of $150 must be paid. We do require 24 hours notice upon rescheduling for unforseens.

  • Pic-a-Picnic will automatically reschedule your picnic if there is a 30% chance or more of rain on the day of your reservation.

  • If the rescheduled date does not work for you, we will happily refund the amount of the total picnic price at checkout, excluding the non-refundable deposit.

  • If you need to cancel entirely, Pic-a-Picnic reserves the right to retain half of the amount of the total picnic price at checkout. 50% refunds are provided only if the reservation is canceled a full 72 hours before the start time. 

  • If you book a picnic and do not show up, Pic-a-Picnic reserves the right to retain the entire amount of the total picnic price at checkout.

  • Please arrive ON TIME. If a member of the party does not arrive at the location within 20 minutes of the reservation start time, it will be treated as a no-show and will be canceled on a strict NO REFUNDS / NO EXCHANGES policy basis.

  • Please plan accordingly. There are no exceptions to this rule. ​

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes!​​ Check out our social media platforms & Google profile for current offers. 

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